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Alkmaar, Netherlands

Han Kuijper, Miller

Enjoy an authentic Dutch experience, off the beaten track, by staying in either our traditional cottage or in our lovely houseboat both on the same property as our 1632 working windmill: the Ambactsmolen.


While you feel you are in the middle of nature you are actually very close (2.4km) to the heart of Alkmaar and perfectly situated between Amsterdam and the North Sea.

My wife, Kelly and I would love to welcome you into our world for the opportunity to share the unique feeling of a Miller's life.

A special mixture of history and nature in comfortable and relaxed surroundings.  

Our Rentals

It's a difficult choice:  "The Windmill Cottage" or our houseboat "The Liefke"?

Both have been hand built and restored with love and care. 

It is our pleasure to share them--and this unique spot--

with our amazing guests from around the world.

We guarantee you'll never forget your special time by the mill.

The Windmill Cottage

Take a step back in time and enjoy staying on a historic dyke, surrounded by nature and sleeping in the uniquely, romantic hanging bed. 

We have often been told that this cabin is the perfect example of the Dutch word: gezellig!

Accommodates up to 4 persons.

The Liefke


Enjoy being eye to eye with the ducks and geese as they glide by, in this newly renovated, romantic houseboat, complete with wood burning stove.

Full of natural light and room to spread out. The perfect place to recharge.

Accommodates up to 5 persons.

Personalized Canal/Windmill Tour 


From April-August, I enjoy offering a personalized tour of my mill to visitors from around the world. Due to the fact that the windmill is our home, it is not your traditional tourist site and therefore a special opportunity for a more unique experience. 

I will pick you up from Alkmaar's main square in my vintage 1930 cabbage boat, especially designed to collect cabbages from the nearby farms and take them to market. This makes it possible to sail under the low bridges of the city which is always a special treat for our guests since most boats need to dock outside the city limits.


I will then sail you from Alkmaar to our historic mill, a National Monument, where I will give you a guided tour of our home, our private museum and take you to the very top to see the inner workings of the mill itself. 


 12 person maximum 

Enjoy the beauty of Holland, off the beaten track.

Video Han


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